List of Camps, Hikes, and Climbs


27 June 2016: Chasm Lake Trail, near Estes Park, Colorado (8.5 miles roundtrip)
4 July 2016: Flatiron #1, Chautauqua Park Trailhead, Boulder, Colorado (6 miles)
15 July 2016: Gunnison Route, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado (2 miles roundtrip)
4 August 2016: Paintbrush Canyon to Holly Lake, Grand Teton National Park (my first long-distance solo hike, a little less than 14 miles round trip)
13 August 2016: Pine Creek Lake, near Livingston, Montana (11 miles roundtrip)
28 August 2016: Los Liones Trail to Parker Mesa Overlook, Topanga State Park, Santa Monica Mountains (7 miles roundtrip-solo)
4 September 2016: Inner Basin Trail, Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff, Arizona (3.4 miles-solo)

Random Assortment of Camping Arrangements:

6/16: Walmart parking lot in Macedonia, Ohio
6/17: Neighborhood of suburbia near Shelby, Michigan (outside Detroit)
6/18: Stayed with Nick’s neighbor’s parent’s house near Flint, Michigan
6/19: Stayed with my sister’s friend at his apartment in Chicago
6/20-21: Stayed with Nick’s friend Nate from studying abroad in New Zealand in Minneapolis
6/22: Stayed with my friend from Syracuse University in St. Paul
6/23: Slept on the prairie in Fort Pierre National Grassland, South Dakota
6/24: Black Hills National Forest in Wyoming
6/25: Parking lot of Vedauwoo, Wyoming
6/26-6/30: Stayed with my friend Felix from my hometown of Quincy, Illinois in Fort Collins, Colorado
7/1: Camped at Pingree Park, Poudre Canyon
7/2-7/3: Stayed with Felix from my hometown of Quincy, Illinois in Fort Collins, Colorado
7/4-7/7: Stayed with our friend Brian from high school in Boulder, Colorado
7/8-7/12: Stayed with my friends Anna and Logan from Quincy
7/13: Slept in the car at a rest stop near Rifle, Colorado
7/14: Slept in the car in a beautiful field overlooking the Blue Mesa Reservoir
7/15-7/16: Camped at Alta Lakes near Telluride, Colorado—highly recommend!
7/17: Camped in the Gunnison National Forest near Taylor Park Reservoir
7/18-7/22: Stayed with my friends Anna and Logan in Colorado Springs
7/23: Camped with a big group of friends near Rampart Reservoir, Pike National Forest—highly recommend!
7/24: One more night at Anna and Logan’s
7/25: Slept in the car near River Runners of Cañon City, Colorado after a few hours of rafting down the Arkansas River with my friend Forrest
7/26: Slept in the car in San Juan National Forest near Pagosa Springs, Colorado
7/27: My first night alone. Slept in Kellie Ann (my car) at Sauls Creek, San Juan National Forest near Bayfield, Colorado
7/28: Camped in the San Juan National Forest near Durango, Colorado (off of 25th street) with my friend Caleb
7/29: Camped in Manti-La Sal National Forest just north of Old Kane Springs (rest area)
7/30: Camped in Manti-La Sal National Forest again
7/31: Camped at Strawberry Reservoir in Uinta National Forest (highly recommend!)
8/1: Slept in a Walmart parking lot in Logan, Utah
8/2: Camped in Bridger-Teton National Forest adjacent to Grand Teton National Park
8/3: Camped in Bridger-Teton National Forest (different spot) (highly recommend! directions: turn right on the unmarked gravel road directly across from the left-side turnoff for Cunningham Cabin Historic Site, when the gravel road splits, bear left, then take this up the hill for a bit until it splits again, bear left again, and then take the first left off this road. This spot has some of the best views of the mountains and is one of my favorite spots I’ve camped so far!)
8/4: Camped in Bridger-Teton National Forest again, but this time on Shadow Mountain off of Antelope Flats Road, which was really busy so I would not suggest it or only as a last resort)
8/5: Slept in the car at a rest area off I-90 between Billings and Livingston, Montana
8/6: Timber Camp, near Jardine, Colorado (just north of Yellowstone National Park)
8/7: Slept in the Walmart parking lot of Bozeman, Montana
8/8: Gallatin National Forest, Bear Creek Road off Highway 191
8/9: Stayed with friends of family friends in Bozeman
8/10-8/13: Stayed at my boyfriend’s family’s ranch house in Emigrant, Montana
8/14: Stayed with my Aunt Cindy in Missoula, Montana
8/15: Camped out in Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest off I-90 in Washington state
8/16-8/22: Had THE BEST time in Seattle with my great friend from college Zach
8/23-8/24: Slept in my car somewhere off 101 on the Oregon Coast
8/25: Camped at a Wal-Mart somewhere along California’s Pacific Coast Highway
8/26: Slept on my college friend’s couch in Novato, CA. Thanks Hamid!
8/27: Wal-mart again [eye-roll emoji]
8/28-8/29: Stayed with my friend from college in Costa Mesa, CA
8/30-9/1: Stayed with my great aunt and uncle at their home in San Diego, CA
9/2-9/4: Stayed with my friend in Flagstaff, AZ


21 June 2016: Barn Bluff, Red Wing, Minnesota
Cinq Jour D’Affille (5.7) Sent/On sight
Looking for Lust (5.9) Failed to summit
Goofed on Skunkweed (5.8-) Sent/On sight

25 June 2016: Devil’s Tower, Wyoming
Durrance Route (5.7), rated one of Fifty Classic Climbs of North America, 7 pitches, Sent

26 June 2016: Walt’s Wall, Vedauwoo, Wyoming
Edwards’ Crack (5.7), 2 pitches, Sent

6 July 2016: The Riviera, Boulder Canyon, Colorado
Chouette (5.6) Sent
Splash (5.7) Sent
Au Natural (5.7) Sent
The Minstrel (5.11a), Hangdogged w/ assistance but summited!

8 July 2016: Redgarden Wall, Eldorado Canyon, Colorado
Rewritten (5.7) Hangdogged, went off route, probably harder moves than 5.7, sent

11 July 2016: Pine Cone Dome, Elevenmile Canyon, South Platte, Colorado
Harder Than It Looks (5.9+) Sent
Bye Bye Butterfly (5.11c) Sent, but went to the right of it
Anorexic Lycra Dog (5.12a) Hangdogged a bit but sent!

14 July 2016: Rifle, Colorado
Upper Ice Caves, Dirty White Boy (5.8+), Hangdogged, sent
The Sno-Cone Cave, Mariscos Lambada (5.8+) Sent
The Sno-Cone Cave, Doctor’s Orders (5.6) Sent

16 July 2016: Cracked Canyon, Ophir, Colorado
Pirouette (5.7), Sent
Dog Leg (5.7+), Sent

25 July 2016: Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado
2 unidentified routes, probably 5.6 and 5.7, sent



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