Awards & Publications


2016 Carol Lipson Outstanding Major Award
Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition
Syracuse University


Moving Off the Education Conveyor Belt.” Intertext. Syracuse University Writing Program, 2016. p.26.

“Meditation.” Perception Magazine. Syracuse University, Spring 2015. Volume 15, Issue 25. p. 45. Republished here:

Eight minutes.
Eight minutes is everything.
Hold still. Feel the breath.
You are the breath and the being.
Any attachments between the world and this soul
Are imagined.
“I have an itch.”
“No! Don’t move—”
With a touch
The world drops
The concentration falters
The interruption is appeased.
With that movement, that moment
We resigned.
The discomfort always passes.
In your infinity
That itch will be scratched.
We strayed from the mystical meaning
Of just being. Just breathing.
For an itch.
“It feels better now though.”
“I know.”
Let’s start again. Let’s forgive it.
Just sit with it.
Eight minutes.
Breathe infinite for eight minutes.
In and out. Slowly.
And so it goes.


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