One moment

If I could find one moment
That encapsulates it all
The past three years
Of loving you
It might be a golden prize.
It might be the zenith of achievement,
a small swirl of a memory that showcases
the possibilities of the depths
of human love and understanding.

Except I can’t find just one moment.
Our one moment is the culmination of them all.
A montage of the scenes—
the laughter, the loving, the gentle looks of encouragement,
the heartbreak.
the forgiveness.

Like the moments we’ve shared,
These years of loving you
Have expanded my heart and my world in ways

3 thoughts on “One moment

  1. You are an amazing inspiration, a wonderful jewel for anyones life which is privileged by your presence in theirs. I am grateful and peaceful that a precious grandson is the benefactor of your presence in his.


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