I consume ideas

I consume ideas like sweets.
I taste them like treasures
And fear that if I lose them,
I become less.

I consume ideas like
I’ve never heard of novelty
Like I’ll never hear of it again.

I consume ideas to form myself
To stretch myself
To make me e  x  p  a  n  d

I consume ideas because
I’m thirsty for it all
I’m forever unquenched and
Forever unsatisfied

I consume ideas
With six senses
With an undone mind and a full heart

I consume ideas greedily
Like they are the green cloths of money
And the best are the one hundred bills
They enlighten
And the one dollars are the token mainstreams
They conform
Yet still, all essential.

I consume ideas like my life depends on it.
And my life depends on it.

I consume ideas to learn of the universe that
The Great Mystery has created
And we humans have collectively
brought into our consciousness
and expounded upon.

I consume ideas
And they are forever unconsumed.

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