Why do you post your monthly favorites?

I got the idea for monthly favorites from YouTube “influencers”. They post their favorite things at the end of each month, which are typically products like makeup, workout gear, snacks, tech, and clothing. Their monthly favorites are usually things.

While my monthly favorites sometimes include products I enjoy, I make a conscious effort to include things that fit into one of these categories: food, art, music, film, apps, plants, trees, interviews, or ideas. A few recent examples include:

  • compelling interviews with writers I admire
  • a documentary of a rock climber’s astounding feat
  • stories about disgraced millennials committing fraud
  • recent trips I’ve taken
  • a satirical musical masterpiece on the anxiety behind performance and celebrity
  • a beloved herb
  • a fabulous band
  • an app that helps identify plants
  • a NASA engineer’s response to package thieves
  • or even Georgian (the country) cheese bread!

By posting my monthly favorites, I can see my intellectual trajectory from month to month. What was I reading? What was I pondering? What had an impact on me? Monthly favorites allow a snapshot of my interests at a particular moment in time, preserved for posterity.

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