October 2018 Favorites

  1. Weddings—my ONLY sibling, my big sister, got married this month! Goats might have made an appearance, now I have a brother, my sister looked F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S, and the unconditional love was felt in everyone’s hearts!!!
  2. A Star is Born. No words, just me alternating between grinning like an idiot and crying like a baby sitting in a movie theater by myself on an October Sunday afternoon.
  3. This fucking masterpiece by Bo Burnham. The metaphor in lights, the brutal honesty, the seemingly effortless musicality, and the veneer of satirical comedy that hides the anxiety behind performance and celebrity—Bo Burnham is a true artist. I rarely suggest this but I recommend reading the YouTube comments because some people say insightful and supportive things. (further reading: this article/interview in Vulture)
  4. Eighth Grade (on a Bo Burnham binge can u tell)
  5. Autumn aesthetic (and nah I ain’t no “basic bitch” for liking autumn)
  6. The band Rainbow Kitten Surprise, especially the songs “First Class”, “Devil Like Me”, “Lady Lie”, and “It’s Called: Freefall”
  7. Moss. Easily the most fascinating and overlooked plant in the forest (more to come about moss bc who doesn’t like some good moss facts?!)
  8. Rounding it out with an existential crisis: my friend sent me this article on the Fermi Paradox.

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